About Intake Pre School

Intake Pre School Operates from a purpose built building located on the grounds of Intake Primary School, we provide term time childcare and are also eligible providers of the funded early education for all 3 and 4 year old's (including the 30 hours extended offer) as well as the funded early play for eligible 2 year old's.

Intake Pre School was originally known as Frechville Toddlers and was formed over twenty years ago. The group then moved premises finding a more permanent home at Intake in September 1999, the group then changed it's name to suit the new acquired venue and Intake Pre School was officially created. In 2001 Intake Pre School became an eligible provider of the free early education and has since gone from strength to strength.

The pre school is managed by a Voluntary Board Of Trustees, which comprises of ex-parents, current parents and community members. The day to day operations of the pre school are overseen by the Pre School Manager and a small team of employees.

The Pre School is also a registered charity, we hold various fundraising events throughout the year along with a very successful Christmas raffle. All funds raised go back into the pre school as we are a 'not for profit' organisation.



Carli Murten - Manager

Courtney White - Deputy Manager & Butterfly (3-5 years) Area Leader

Natalie Britcher - Senior, Qualified Pre School Assistant & Caterpillar (2-3 years) Area Leader

Jane Hale - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Mya Quailey - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Laura Bumford - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Donna Lingard - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Tamsin Mellors - Qualified Pre school Assistant

Tyla Barnes - Qualified Pre school Assistant

Gemma Highfield - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Emily Jones - Qualified Pre School Assistant

Adele Fowler - Supporting Pre School Assistant

Vicky Cashmore - Supporting Pre School Assistant Level 3

Georgia Rudge - Apprentice

Rebecca Horrabine - Finance Officer

Daniel White - Chair of the Committee

Registered as a company limited by Guarantee in England & Wales

   Registered Office; Intake Pre School, Sharrad Drive, Sheffield, S12 2FB

   Registered No : 05235498     Registered Charity No : 1107400