Funded 3 & 4 Year Old Early Education

Here at Intake Pre School we offer funded early learning places, so why not give your child the best start in life with a funded early learning and play place. All 3 and 4 year old's can get 15 hours of funded learning and play a week during term time (from the beginning of the term after their third birthday).

The following information explains what your child can have and what your responsibilities are as a parent/carer.

What your child can have

  • Your child can have up to 570 hours of funded early learning per year from the date they become eligible;

  • They can have up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year until they start school;

  • Your child can attend up to 2 providers, however no more than 15 hours can be claimed between the 2 providers per week. You should inform both your other provider and us about attendance, to ensure we can make accurate claims.

Accessing the funding

  • We do not have to offer you the full 15 hours, this may be the case if we are operating to near full capacity;

  • We are only open selected hours and offer 38 weeks per year childcare with 38 weeks a year being the maximum claim for any provider operating term time;

  • You do not have to use your full 15 hours unless you want to, and we cannot make this a requirement.

Fees and charges

If you are only accessing the funded 15 hours then you should not be asked to pay for anything. This includes:

  • Meals

  • Access to a healthy snack per session is provided by pre school attracts a 20p charge per session, you may provide a healthy snack from home as an option.

  • Any additional hours of childcare (or other services) cannot be a condition of accessing your place

We can charge you for any additional time in the day or weeks in the year that you choose for your child to attend. If so, you will receive an invoice. This will make it clear what you have been charged so you can easily see your funded hours.