Become A Parent Volunteer

During this when we refer to parent this can encompass immediate family members also i.e. nannan, step parent etc)


Intake Pre School welcomes parent volunteers within our setting, we value the input this gives to the pre school as well as the positives that can be taken away by the volunteer. You do not have to be on a childcare or health and social care course to become a volunteer!


The benefits you will receive from being a volunteer are limitless, you will see your child interacting with others, your child will value your input into their play with not just them but their peers too! you will be given unlimited access to our staffing teams knowledge as we talk through with you what we do and most importantly why! you will gain a basic knowledge of the background of early education and play along with the impact this can have on children. Ideas for activities that you can play at home and how to increase your language and communication skills with your child....................... as we say the benefits are endless.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer this can be taken on in a variety of roles such as helping to facilitate the library service at the start of each session (roughly 15 minuet commitment per session) or it could be a session volunteer (3 hour commitment) also you may just want to register as an event volunteer for things like party's and trips.


Please speak to either the manager or deputy manager as soon as possible to register your interest, this will activate a DBS check (formally known as a police check) once this is received by pre school and other relevant documentation is complete, you will be able to start volunteering!




                                   Please also refer to our 'Volunteer Policy'