Become A Board Member


Intake Pre School has a very dedicated team of staff. There is, however, another team of people who play a vital role in the running of the Pre School – the management board. It is a legal requirement for the Pre School to have a board made up of parents and other members of the local community. Not all nurseries and pre schools run this way, but many do, and running it like this means that parents can have a say in the way the Pre School is managed. It is very important that the board has enough members to operate legally – if this does not happen, then by law the Pre School is required to shut down.


Why become a board member?


Being a board member means that you can have a say in how the Pre School operates, and help ensure that your children receive the best care and early education possible. It’s also a great way of meeting people and making friends, and you may learn new skills too. To become a board member you do not have to be a parent of a child attending pre school, it can be anyone from childminders, grandparents, aunties and uncles as well as anyone from the local community or relevant profession such as health visitor, teacher etc.


What does a board member do?


As a board member, you could become involved in any of the following areas: finance, fundraising, our ongoing building project plans, ordering uniform, writing policies, making contact with local services, recruitment of staff, publicity, special events such as Christmas and Easter Fayres…in fact, any skill you have, we can probably find a use for it! Even if you don’t feel you have any particular skill to offer, you will probably have new ideas and enthusiasm, which is just as important. Please note there is no financial commitment required to become a board member – Intake Pre School is a company Limited By Guarantee and as such, as long as the Pre School has been run lawfully, board members are only liable for the sum of £1 should the company ever cease trading.


How much of my time will being a board member take up?


There is one meeting a month, which lasts about 2 hours. Usually, this takes place on the second Monday of the month. Sometimes there are other things that need to be done, such as sending emails, writing letters or helping out at an event, but this would depend on how much time you are able to spare – we understand that everyone has busy lives and value any amount of time you can give.


If you are interested in joining the board please feel free to attend the next meeting (this doesn’t commit you to anything!) – ask a member of staff for the date of the next one, or drop us an E-Mail on the contact us page.



We look forward to seeing you,


Trevor Bamforth, Chair

On behalf of the management board